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Essay Question Words

Answering an essay question is not simply a matter of regurgitating information. This best explains why a big percentage of students hire UK essay writers to complete their essay writing assignments.

The best way to answer an essay question is to clearly and concisely address the key points of the topic while providing your own analysis and interpretation of the data. Also, to answer an essay question effectively, you need to be thoughtful and organized in your response.

The best way to start is by brainstorming ideas. Write down everything that comes to mind, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

Once you have a good list of potential answers, start narrowing them down. Group together similar ideas and eliminate anything that doesn’t fit with the overall theme of your essay. After you have a few solid potential answers, it’s time to start writing.

Begin by outlining your response, focusing on organizing your thoughts in a logical way. As you write, be creative and take risks – this is your opportunity to really show off your knowledge and engage with the material.

Kinds of Common Essay Question Words

There are two types of essay questions: restricted and extended response. Restricted response questions limit what you will discuss in the essay. This is usually based on the questions wording and may require a one- or two-word answer, or they may ask you to choose from a list of given options.

On the other hand, extended response questions allow you to select the information you want to include in your answer to fully answer a question. Usually, they require a more detailed answer, often in the form of a short essay.

On some exams, you will have a choice between restricted and extended response questions; on others, all of the questions will be of the same type. To answer an essay question effectively, you need to understand the different types of essay questions and know how to approach them.

Just to recap, in restricted response questions you must provide a brief answer directly relevant to the question. These questions are generally easier to answer than extended response questions, but they still require you to have a good understanding of the material.

When answering a restricted response question, make sure that you answer the question directly and do not include any irrelevant information. When answering an extended response question, ensure your answer is well organized and includes all relevant information.

Key Essay Question Words

Question words are words that are used to ask questions. These words are typically found in essay titles, and they usually require a certain type of response.

Now, when you are given an essay question, the words used in the questions are designed to tell you what kind of approach you should use. For example, words like ‘analyze,’ ‘compare,’ and ‘contrast’ usually require a critical approach, where you evaluate the merits of different arguments or viewpoints.

In contrast, words like ‘describe’ and ‘explain’ usually require a more descriptive approach, where you simply provide information about the topic. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, and your professor will be the best person to ask if you are unsure which approach to use.

However, in general, if you remember that critical essays require an evaluation of arguments and descriptive essays require mostly explanation, you should be on the right track. And no matter what type of question word it is, it’s important to always follow the instructions provided by the question word.

This will ensure that your essay is properly structured and that you’re providing the required response type. It will also make it easier for the person marking your essay to understand what you’re trying to say and help you get a better grade.

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How to Answer an Essay Question

Answering essay questions on tests can be difficult and stressful, which can make it hard to provide a good answer. However, there are some tips that can help you improve your essay question responses. Here are three you may find really helpful for your next essay assignment;

  • Understanding the question: It is important to understand what the question is asking. Read the question carefully and underline the keywords or phrases. This will help you focus your response and ensure that you stay on topic.
  • Brainstorming: It is important to brainstorm before you start writing. Take a few minutes to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. This will help you organize your thoughts and create a clear argument.
  • Supporting your claims: Be sure to include specific examples and data to back up your points. Not to forget, it is also very important to edit and proofread your work before you submit it. A well-crafted answer will demonstrate your understanding of the material and impress the grader.

Follow these guidelines to master how to answer an essay question and improve your chances of getting a good grade. And if you still find answering the essay questions difficult, your best decision is to get essay writing help.


We get it; essay question words can be confusing. However, you don’t need to worry. Just remember that the key to answering any essay question is understanding what the question is asking and then providing a well-organized and well-supported answer. With a bit of practice, you’ll be a pro at answering essay questions in no time.