Good Words And Phrases To Use In An Essay

Transition words and phrases are imperative when expressing ideas and their relationship. Especially in the case of an essay, opening the topic well with the right vocabulary is the core of your work. But transition words do more than just explain something. These unique expressions indicate a path and guide the reader through your thought

Essay Question Words

Answering an essay question is not simply a matter of regurgitating information. This best explains why a big percentage of students hire UK essay writers to complete their essay writing assignments. The best way to answer an essay question is to clearly and concisely address the key points of the topic while providing your own

How to Structure an Essay

Have you been struggling with an essay structure lately? We know you have because our essay writing service gets a lot of students asking for help with essay structure. And guess what – we want to help you too! If you need just a quick fix, let us tell you right away that the average

Appendix in Essay: Definition, Writing Tips, and Examples

As a college student, you will be required to complete various academic assignments over the course of your college education. We are, of course, talking about essays, term papers, or perhaps even dissertations. These academic assignments are very complex, and they need to meet very strict standards, not just when it comes to their quality,

Discursive Essay: Definition, Writing Tips and Examples

Essays come in all formats and sizes, so it’s perfectly natural not to be familiar with all of them. At one point in your scholarly career, you will be tasked with writing a discursive essay. While it may seem like a big deal at first, crafting this type of essay is actually not that difficult.

How to Write a Conclusion for An Essay

Conclusions for essays are essential in any type of essay. It reminds your audience about your arguments and the importance of your research. Most conclusions a based on a single paragraph, and they restate the topic, thesis, and main points. Every essay writer should keep in mind that the conclusion paragraph is not an opportunity

How to Write an Introduction for An Essay

The introduction paragraph of your essay is the first part your reader comes across. It is the paragraph that opens your essay by informing your readers what to expect in the rest of the paper. You should create it in a way that your reader will find a reason to read the rest parts of

Best EPQ Topics to Choose from for Good Grade

When writing an EPQ project, a student is free to choose any topic they would want to cover provided it is within their area of study. To write rigorous EPQ content, you require a lot of time for preparation. You must plan carefully, research widely, and put in an effort to create the best paper.

How to Write an Essay: Tips from Professional Writers

A student can easily write a high-scoring essay by following the right writing procedures. A lot of students think essay writing is a vigorous process that requires long hours of research and sleepless nights. If it is your first time writing an essay, you may undergo a few challenges but if you have written more

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

In a case study analysis, a student is presented with a case or a situation that requires them to study it and present the result in a well-structured text format. Specifically, a chemistry case study can be termed as an advanced research method that links a study with a real situation. The case and the