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How to Write a Conclusion for An Essay

Conclusions for essays are essential in any type of essay. It reminds your audience about your arguments and the importance of your research. Most conclusions a based on a single paragraph, and they restate the topic, thesis, and main points.

Every essay writer should keep in mind that the conclusion paragraph is not an opportunity to introduce new points or arguments. Instead, it is their opportunity to give clarity about their writing intention and why the research is important. The writer may suggest future research.

Essay Conclusion: Writing Guide & Examples

Many essay writers get challenged when they want to conclude their papers. The conclusion of your essay is as important as the introduction. It is the paragraph that crowns the points contained in the entire paper. The conclusion should leave the reader with an urge to research more or reread your essay.

In this guide, our writing experts from our essay writing services will take you through the step-by-step details about writing an attractive conclusion for an essay. You will learn what to avoid, what to include, and the most effective way to conclude. We’ve highlighted some examples to give you an idea.

Conclusion paragraph of an essay

Different essay topics will have different conclusions. Readers easily remember essay topics that had a strong conclusion. If you bring the conclusion to a sudden stop, it will leave the reader in a dilemma.

Just like in an introduction paragraph, the conclusion should have a sentence that captures a reader’s attention beyond imagination. Its main purpose is to restate the main point. It reminds the reader about the importance of the main point and revisits the strongest evidence in the essay. It gives a summary of the primary observations based on the topic.

Conclusion paragraph length

The conclusion sentence should be short, precise, and solid. It is the summary of your essay that gives a reader the main takeaways from the arguments in the essay. By making it lengthy, you might be tempted to introduce new arguments to help you write more words.

The secret is to know how to start a conclusion and give yourself enough sentences to give it a strong base. The conclusion should adapt the same writing language you used in the introduction and the body of your essay. For example, the conclusion for an argumentative essay should focus on an argumentative tone to keep it relevant.

What essay conclusion should contain

An essay conclusion reiterates the main argument and the thesis statement. It signals the reader that the essay has come to its closure, having fulfilled its goal. The conclusion should have the following aspects.

  • The conclusion paragraphs must restate and rephrase the thesis statement.
  • The writer should avoid concluding an essay with a negative notion. Instead, they should focus on a positive note only.
  • The conclusion should give a summary of the main arguments
  • Give details of the importance of your arguments and why it was necessary to research the essay topic
  • Let the reader have an idea that the essay has come to a closure

Things to avoid in conclusion

Many writers will write quality, well-flowing essays, but they will have problems deciding how to end an essay. As a result, they look for the easiest way out to write a simple conclusion and submit their paper.

Essay conclusions are as important as any other part of the essay. It should carry a stronger weight because it provides a summarized overview of the entire essay. When writing the conclusion of an essay, avoid these mistakes.

  • Do not summarize every paragraph. The conclusion essay is not a summary of every paragraph but a reiteration of the main points. Give an overall summary as if you are giving an extension of the bigger picture. This way, you will avoid writing a lengthy conclusion.
  • Do not introduce new information You might still have points that you didn’t cover in the essay body and could be tempted to introduce them at the conclusion. You will only confuse your readers, and you will affect the quality of your essay.
  • Do not use the phrases “in conclusion” or “in summary” The truth is that your reader can see your essay is at the concluding point. There is no need of reminding them that you are concluding. The phrases will only appear cliché and will sound redundant.

What are the 3 parts of conclusion?

Conclusion writing focuses on three main points. There is no need to introduce new points, no matter how relevant they might seem to be. If you feel you must introduce a new argument, do it in the body and highlight it in conclusion.

  • Revisit the answer provided in the thesis statement. Revisiting the thesis statement doesn’t mean rewriting it word for word in the conclusion. It means to give an overview of the relevance of the information captured in the thesis. The thesis statement in the introduction is usually short, and thus it should be significantly shorter in the conclusion.
  • Summarize the main points . The next part in the concluding paragraph is to give a summary of the main points. This is the point in the conclusion paragraph outline where you elaborate how the points in your essay interconnect. You only highlight the crucial points from the body paragraphs in a summarized form. Do not change the main keywords in the main points.
  • Show the significance of your research findings. Relevance is an important aspect of essay writing. Show how the findings are relevant to the topic/question. At this point, you will be convincing the reader that your arguments are correct and can apply to their current situation

You can add one or more general statements to add strength to your essay conclusion. You should be careful with the entire word count for your essay. Shorter essays will have very short conclusions. If your essay is longer, you can make the conclusion a little longer.

How to start a conclusion

Many essay writers start their conclusions with transitional phrases. These are words that connect a sentence with an idea for a better flow. Although transitions are good to start a conclusion, you should be choosy on the phrases to use. There are different ways to conclude an essay.

Let the reader know that you are closing

You should not come to a sudden close, but you must prepare the reader in their mind to know that you are closing. You will not directly tell them it is time to close, but the tone or wording you use should create in them a sense of closure. There are different ways you can do this.

  • Connect the concluding paragraph with the opening paragraph. For example, if you opened with the phrase entrepreneurs are born, revisit the same phrase.
  • Start with a quote that you quoted earlier.
  • Give a proposal for action.

To make your conclusion attractive, do not just dwell on summarizing the main points. Propose for the next cause of action. Advice the reader on the remedy to the problem or arguments. When you start to propose the next action, you are creating a sense of closure in their mind.

If you were focusing on entrepreneurship in the essay body, you could propose something like, “it is clear that there is an urgent need to put more focus on promoting entrepreneurship.”

Start with concluding phrases

Some phrases will automatically tell the reader you are concluding the essay. There are many concluding phrases you can use, such as: Considering all things, looking at these points, in my opinion, looking into all the facts, with all that in mind, based on the arguments provided.

Tricks for writing a strong conclusion paragraph

For some writers, concluding an essay is the trickiest part. There are different essay conclusion paragraph examples you can refer to give you ideas on the best way to conclude. To write an attractive essay conclusion paragraph, ask yourself these questions.

Is the essay thesis correctly restated here? It’s crucial to recall the audience of the essay thesis so that they remember the arguments and answers you presented.

Are the essay’s primary themes discussed and brought together? Consider the key arguments to be like pieces of a puzzle and the conclusions to be the place in which they all come together to form a larger picture. The audience should leave with a sense of the greater picture.

Have you reminded the reader of the topic’s significance? Ensure the essay’s observations are placed in the perspective of real-world societal change.

Is there any sense of closing? Ascertain that the audience understands that the essay has come to a close. It is critical not to abandon the reader.

Do you shy away from sharing additional knowledge? In the conclusion, no fresh ideas must be presented. It is essentially a recap of the information already included in the essay. The only novel idea might be to recommend a study direction for the future.


Although writing an essay conclusion might look daunting, you should create confidence in yourself and look for a unique approach to writing the conclusion. We hope our guide has helped you and given you better ideas. If you still feel challenged with writing conclusions or you lack time, you can buy an essay at our service, and you will get a quality essay within no time.