Best Persuasive Essay Topics

What Is a Persuasive Essay Writing? When writing a persuasive essay, you’re expected to use reason to prove that your idea is reasonable. It’s like persuasive speech that convinces people to consider a specific point of view. When you see influential people speaking, they are basically relying on the techniques of this type of essay.

Excellent Guide on How to Write a Good Dissertation

You have finally reached the ending point of your current education – the part where you need to write a dissertation. This is the final and obviously, the most important stage of this journey. The point of writing a dissertation is to show the capacity and skills in the form of research and writing, all

Literature Review: How To Write

Students always put the most time-consuming tasks on their waiting list. It’s not because they are lazy or don’t like studying, they just don’t have much time for everything. And time-consuming tasks like dissertation literature review, for example, is them. It’s evident that a literature review for dissertation is a really daring task and you

Understanding the 4 Types of Academic Writing

The 4 main types of academic writing are: Descriptive, Persuasive, Expository and Narrative. When you’re asked to write a paper for high school or university, your professors usually expect you to maintain one of those main types of writing for academic content. You’ll be able to do that when you understand the characteristics of each

Tips for Students: How to Write an Assignment for College

When you’re a student, you have to deal with a huge number of classes. On top of everything, your professors also request academic assignments. Without these projects, it’s impossible for you to get a good grade for a particular course. What’s the biggest problem that students face when dealing with a college writing assignment? An

How to Write a Great LNAT Essay

Do you hate essay questions, but are good at answering multiple choice questions? If you are taking the LNAT, you may be fully prepared for the multiple choice portion of the test, but you’re also going to need to practice your writing skills and feel confident in your ability to argue a certain position. For

Basic Essay Format

The three main parts of an essay are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Using this basic format will help you write and organize any essay, but you’ve got to be a bit flexible. Keeping this basic essay format in mind is important, but also be sure to let the topic of the paper


The Perfect Essay Writing Template

Throughout your academic career from middle school to high school and all the way through college, the one thing that stays constant as the difficulty level increases is that you will always be tasked with writings essays for your individual classes. While some students find essay writing naturally very easy, others struggle with the structure