The terms of cookies use and automatic information collection tools use

The Company uses such services as Google Analytics and other third party services for analysis and feedback. Cookies, embedded links and web beacons may also be used to automatically collect data.

A cookie is a file that your computer stores each time you visit a website. This makes it easier to access the site, move between pages, set language preferences and to automatically fill out order forms.

This is important for the function of the site and Company to learn how the site is used and to make it easier to navigate and serve customers.

Many browsers let users agree to use of cookies. You can decline their use if you don’t want them stored on your computer.

Managing and Removing Cookies

It’s possible to delete or limit cookies by accessing your settings. This depends on which browser you use. Access your help function for instructions on your browser.

The webpage will give you more information about cookies.

Review the device instructions for managing cookies on a mobile device.

You may email us at for more information on how the Company uses cookies.