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Best EPQ Topics to Choose from for Good Grade

When writing an EPQ project, a student is free to choose any topic they would want to cover provided it is within their area of study. To write rigorous EPQ content, you require a lot of time for preparation.

You must plan carefully, research widely, and put in an effort to create the best paper. To get an A+ in your EPQ, it is better to choose interesting EPQ topics that are within your course of study. This would work better for you if you plan to join university.

Here’s how to choose the best EPQ topics for good grades:

EPQ is the abbreviation for Extended Project Qualification. It’s an extensive project that might have up to 5000 words. A student who completes an EPQ earns a qualification. Its features are like a dissertation.

You should choose EPQ topics from within your course. Pick a topic that you love and a subject that is within your interest. If it is something you are passionate about, you will likely produce a grade A+ paper.

If you are determined to write an EPQ project but you realised you lack the skills to write an A+ paper, our professional team of essay writers have prepared this guide for interesting EPQ topics and ideas to help go through the process with ease and get the highest grade.

EPQ Ideas for Psychology

Psychology is a large field but you should pick EPQ ideas from topics within your field. The main psychology fields are behavioural, cognitive, biopsychology, and clinical psychology. You may use these EPQ psychology ideas to choose a topic.

  1. Is dropping out from school a psychological problem?
  2. Are obesity and mental health-related
  3. Between men and women, who has the greatest mental challenges?
  4. Do all human beings have a degree of body dysmorphia?
  5. How dreams affect a person’s real-life experience
  6. Buying is a mental illness that must be overcome
  7. The role of media in children’s violent lives
  8. Does intelligence have any relationship with perception?
  9. Racism and education: positive and negative effects on students
  10. Can a teacher’s attitude affect student learning?

EPQ Ideas for Medicine

When brainstorming on EPQ medicine ideas, concentrate on the areas of health, healing, diseases, prevention, food, or any other issues that can affect both physical and mental health. Here are some EPQ questions.

  1. How effective is home care for dementia patients?
  2. Is it ethical to do stem cell research?
  3. How does space travel affect an individual’s immune system?
  4. Effects of smoking on foetal development
  5. Can gamers become good surgeons?
  6. How significant are placebos
  7. Can food be an alternative to medicine
  8. How good are clones?
  9. Is it ethical to use animals to test medicine?
  10. At least 77% of adults in America have asthma. Why?

EPQ Ideas for Law Students

You can get unlimited law EPQ ideas because the field of law is very wide. Think about the areas of family law, business law, immigration, banking, health, civil law, etc. Here are some EPQ A level topics for law students.

Criminal Law EPQ Ideas

  1. The biases in punishing sexual offenders against children
  2. Justice for genocide victims: challenges and victories
  3. A case example for ransom kidnappers
  4. Offenses by mentally ill people: how does the law come in
  5. Unlicensed small weapons: the law and the challenges
  6. How to defend yourself when you are falsely accused

Corporate Law EPQ Ideas

  1. Challenges of getting a business lease and how commercial law can help
  2. How business law affects commercial licensing
  3. Defences for trademark infringement offense
  4. Rising workplace injuries: who is responsible?
  5. Creating business law: the importance of the constitution

Electoral Law EPQ Ideas

  1. Does an electoral body have power outside an election period?
  2. Creating electoral boundaries: who has the absolute authority
  3. Can a sitting supreme court judge be elected?
  4. Democracy and its challenges: why elections matter
  5. The strengths and limitations of electoral law

Constitutional Law EPQ Ideas

  1. The place of the constitution in freedom of speech in online communication
  2. Dealing with emergency provisions in the UK: An analysis
  3. Acting on international law in a local constitution context
  4. Assessing the constitution of rights of minorities
  5. Can a president be accused in international law: protection of dignitaries by the constitution?

EPQ Ideas for History

History EPQ ideas can start from what happened a few months ago to the events of one million years ago or beyond. Choose EPQ topics that you can easily research and a field you will be at ease in when writing.

Modern History EPQ Ideas

  1. How the war between Russia and turkey between 1877-1878 affected future relationships
  2. The history of the industrial revolution
  3. The outcomes of the civil rights movement in America
  4. Is a third world war a possibility? A relook at World War 1 and 2
  5. How communism affects China’s democratic progress

Ancient History EPQ Ideas

  1. The role played by poets in the development of ancient Greece
  2. The history of the trojan war – causes
  3. Influence of ancient Rome empire on Europe
  4. The Egyptian pharaohs and the building of pyramids
  5. Reasons for building the great wall of China

Art History EPQ Ideas

  1. The role of Hinduism in early Indian art
  2. Gothic architecture and its elements
  3. Inspirations from Raphael’s paintings
  4. What is so unique about Russian art?
  5. How the Greek theatre started

EPQ Ideas for Economics

There are many economics EPQ ideas you can think about when writing a project in the field of economics. Look into markets, money, investments, governments, international influence, pandemics, etc.

  1. How economic growth happens in different countries
  2. The role of governments in improving market outcomes
  3. News is the main factor in business decisions
  4. The science of economics: the importance of math
  5. How consumer behaviour affects business innovation
  6. The threats of monopoly
  7. The law of economics and its controversies: how businesses cope

EPQ Ideas: Politics

Politics EPQ ideas are tied to the social science field that deals with systems of governance, power, constitution, security, and international politics. Search your EPQ ideas around these fields. Here are examples.

  1. The psychology of politics – how it works
  2. Using rumours to win an election – the old art of politics
  3. Defining pluralism – does it work?
  4. The media – the greatest tool for making or breaking politicians
  5. To become a nationalist or globalist – walking the tight rope
  6. Dealing with dependent nations – the resources factor
  7. The culture of politics – the role of society


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