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How to Write an Essay: Tips from Professional Writers

A student can easily write a high-scoring essay by following the right writing procedures. A lot of students think essay writing is a vigorous process that requires long hours of research and sleepless nights. If it is your first time writing an essay, you may undergo a few challenges but if you have written more than once, it is not a difficult process.

An essay requires proper research to get enough points for its title. By creating an outline, it becomes your guide during writing to make sure you have not left anything important. It is always important to seek help wherever you feel the process is overwhelming you.

Essay Writing Guide for Students

A student essay writing process can be challenging. A lot of students hesitate to begin the process because they think it’s the most daunting process. Every detail involved in writing university essays might not be as difficult as it might sound on the surface.

If you have been assigned any type of essay and you are not sure where to start or your time is too limiting, this guide is for you. The professional team of writers at our UK essay writing service prepared this guide to help you go through the process with less stress and get the best grades.

What is an Essay?

As you get ready to understand the process of essay writing, it is important you first understand what an essay is. As long as you are in a university, you will be involved in university essay writing as part of your learning process.

An essay is a piece of text written to convince an audience about a certain topic. It informs deeply about the topic in a simple but detailed way. Since essay writing for university involves writing short texts, the writer should be selective on the kind of points they choose.

They are the most popular in any university academic work because they develop a student’s writing skills in a big way. Students who take their essay writing skills seriously develop other skills such as creativity, research skills, and critical thinking.

Essay Types

In any academic essay writing process, you will be dealing with at least four different types of essays. Before you begin to write, make sure you understand the type of essay you are dealing with because each type has a different approach. It will help you know the type of sources you will look for when planning an essay writing process.

The most common essay type is an argumentative essay. A writer researches on the topic for an opinion and builds an argument based on the evidence they gather during research. The main point is for the writer to create a strong opinion and support it.

Another type of essay that helps students build academic skills is a descriptive essay. The writer uses their creativity to describe something using words. Language and essay structure choice are very crucial in this type of essay.

The next important essay in college is an expository essay. It requires the writer to be knowledgeable about a certain topic so that they communicate their points clear in the essay writing process.

The narrative essay is more about something the writer experienced that taught them an unforgettable lesson.  Unlike in a research essay, the writer must use a lot of creativity to narrate their experience most compellingly.

Basic Essay Structure

The most basic essay structure has an introduction, main paragraphs, conclusion, and references. The introduction for an essay should give a short detail of the background information to help the reader understand the topic.

It gives a guide on how the writer will answer the topic’s question. The thesis statement is within the introduction and it gives a summary of the essay. The writer must give a clear statement of the main idea in the thesis.

The main paragraphs are where you discuss essay in detail giving weight to your supporting points. Guided by the number of words, this section of your essay contains several paragraphs. The first paragraph should discuss the topic while the others should discuss supporting points.

The conclusion brings all the points into a summarized paragraph. It doesn’t introduce new points but restates the thesis and gives a summary of the main points. References form the last part of an essay and they refer to sources of information used in the essay.

Essay Writing Process

1. Investigative phase

Although the essay writing topics might be different, the process is the same. The first phase is the discovery phase where a writer takes time to understand the topic. They brainstorm on ideas and prepare the relevant sources to use. They record notes from both their primary and secondary sources.

2. Outlining phase

In this phase, the writer brainstorms again on the notes they wrote in the investigative phase. They cluster the points according to the main points they get. The writer outlines the essay guided by the audience in their mind. The audience is defined by the purpose of the essay. At this phase, the writer may want to further read the essay writing tips to be certain they have everything required.

3. The writing phase

This is the phase that involves an intensive writing process. The writer discusses each point in detail while considering the total number of words for the essay. Although the writer has with them the essay outline, they might decide to begin with the body then revisit the introduction.

4. Formatting phase

This is the phase where the writer reads their work to correct mistakes. They use grammar check tools and tools for plagiarism to make sure their work is perfect. The formatting phase includes referencing.

Essay Formats

The type of essay you write may determine the kind of essay writing format you use. The main formats used for university essays are the APA. MLA, and Chicago formatting. The MLA format is the most used formatting style for college essays. It doesn’t have specific rules like other types of formats.

Essay Writing Tips

This essay writing guide cannot be complete if we don’t give you tips for writing essays. Before you begin to write any type of essay, take time to analyse the question. Make sure you define your argument by using available evidence and your own reasoning to its weight. Let your essay look well organized and coherent. Always use clear language and never forget to cite your sources.


Writing an essay for college is not difficult but if you are still not sure if you are ready to begin writing or you have limited time, you may use essay writing help get a professionally written paper. Our experienced writers are ready to help you write a quality essay and to guide you on how to buy essay at our service so that you order the right type of essay.